Fire Damage Photo Gallery

BEFORE photo

This customer's log rolled out of her fireplace in her home in Lebanon Junction, causing smoke damage to her home. We replaced the carpet, cleaned all the soot in this ranch style home, and painted the whole house.

AFTER photo

This customer's log rolled out of her fireplace causing smoke damage to her home. This happened in Lebanon Junction in the beginning of January 2016! Luckily, the customer was home when this happened or things could've turned out worse!

BEFORE photo

Here is an apartment fire that was caused by a lit cigarette. The next photos will show the fire damage and then the after photos. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this fire!

BEFORE board up

One of the first things we do after a big fire is board up the structure. This is a safety and security measure to secure the premises from looters and trespassers.

AFTER outside of building

This is from the same building where the tenant fell asleep from smoking a cigarette. This is an after photo of the newly installed windows. What a fresh new look! 

AFTER photo

This is another view of the window from the cigarette fire. This is a window on the bottom floor. Our guys did an amazing job. You can't even tell there was a fire here previously!

BEFORE kitchen

This was a fire at an apartment complex in Bardstown. It started from a lit cigarette that caused the fire in the bedroom and had spread to the kitchen and several other nearby units.

BEFORE photo soot

Here's the soot from the fire. Fire damages aren't necessary caused by the flames itself but from the smoke, soot, and water damage from the firefighters extinguishing the fire.

AFTER kitchen


AFTER kitchen 2

Here's another photo of the kitchen restored