Water Damage Photo Gallery

Hot Water Heater Distress in Louisville, KY

This homeowner in Louisville, KY was surprised at the amount of damage caused by their leaking Hot Water Heater. Notice the flooring in the picture above. SERVPRO of Bullitt and N. Nelson Counties quickly helped this homeowner dry out and rebuild their floors. Remember here at SERVPRO, "We are always here to help."

Busted Pipe in Bardstown, KY

This homeowner in Bardstown, KY woke up to an undesirable surprise, when a pipe busted in their living room wall. Notice in the photo that the drywall and insulation had to be removed to effectively dry out the area. SERVPRO of Bullitt and N. Nelson Counties used air movers and dehumidifiers to complete the water restoration process and prevent any mold growth.

Air Mover

Air movers are fans that we use to dry out flooring and drywall and sometimes concrete too. SERVPRO has the drying process down to a science. We determine how wet a structure is and how many fans and dehumidifiers we need to dry it materials and structure in the fastest way possible.

Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is a tool that we use to determine how much moisture is in drywall or wood. There are two small pin-like prongs that we pierce the material with. The meter gives us a number that lets us know how wet drywall or wood is and if it's necessary to remove it.

Water leak in commercial office

There was a pipe burst in this pediatric office in Mt. Washington.  The pipe burst flooded over 2500 square feet of their office, affecting the drywall too! All the flooring in the entire office had to be removed.  Our crews worked on nights and weekends so we could get this business back to work!

Water Leak in Basement

A customer called because water was leaking into her basement. We discovered the leak coming from this water pipe. We had to remove a small section of wet drywall. We used a dehumidifier and air movers to dry the area.