Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Money Pit in Radcliff, KY

When this homeowner in Radcliff, KY decided to do some remolding, the discovery of Mold Growth turned it into a nightmare. One room after another, the once loved home turned into a money pit. SERVPRO of Bullitt and N. Nelson Counties was quick to change the nightmare into an opportunity. The homeowner had more freedom to redesign and rebuild the home of their dreams, and to focus more on the opportunity than the loss.

Massive Mold in Fairdale, KY

This homeowner in Fairdale, KY had to remove flooring throughout their entire home. The discovery of Mold turned into an unexpected journey, when the floors in several rooms had to be removed. SERVPRO of Bullitt and N. Nelson Counties worked with the homeowner to rebuild and restore their home quickly and efficiently. Remember here at SERVPRO, "We are always here to help."

Mold in Crawlspace

Customer had mold in the crawl space. SERVPRO of Bullitt & N. North Nelson Counties removed and bagged the wet insulation, HEPA vacuumed the area, cleaned the mold from the joists,  subfloor, and block walls. Then we sprayed it with antimicrobial. We put up new insulation and sealed the area. We used a dehumidifier to dry out the crawlspace.

Mold in Crawlspace in Mt. Washington

This customer had mold in the crawlspace. The cause of the mold in this situation was that a moisture barrier wasn't placed in the crawlspace. Mold loves moisture! We had to tear out old insulation, clean it, put new insulation back, and seal it with a proper moisture barrier.

Mold in crawlspace

A pipe had burst in this customer's home and leaked into the crawlspace. Our mold mitigation specialist discovered mold had gotten into the crawlspace. Black mold got onto the joists and onto the insulation.

Mold in insulation

We were called out to a business where the employees had suspected to have black mold. Our mitigation specialist thoroughly checked the premises and found black mold behind the wall and in the insulation. We tore out the insulation and the existing drywall and replaced it with new insulation and drywall.